News & Updates

Soundcloud - Premier Invitation 

Okay, so I have been member on Soundcloud for nearly 10 years now. Unlimited Pro all the time. Never got anything xtra perks for this, and no idea why. I want to get a premier invitation. Is it so hard to send me a invite for this? It`s time to give me something back Soundcloud!

Entering a remix contest - Paperwhite (Loop) 

I am thrilled to announce that I am entering the remix contest on Splice. The song is from a Group I adore: "Paperwhite" . I love to work With the vocal of the girl vocalist.

The track is a top notch produced NuDisco sound that I think will stand out.

Will be released later this week

Cross fingers

New Producer/Artist Name 

After several years of struggling finding myself a good artist name, I did a brainstorm this weekend With Family and friends.

The final result is:


I think it is awesome & very satisifed. All my social media sites and tracks are now updated With this.

Thanks for checking in and you will hear from me again soon.