Black Ops - Cold War (impression from the first beta weekend)

Black Ops Cold War - Total Dropdown


I had high expectation for this Call Of Duty edition. After the multiplayer disaster of the last Modern Warfare 2019. The one and only thing that is different and positive is that Ninja is back as perk. The Alfa was promising, but this weekend the beta arrived. Two main disasters:


1. SBMM are back and so strong. Insane, when you know that 90 percent of the Cod community want it removed. Why the heck do Activision and Treyarch not make a league playlist. Make COD what it is and is supposed to be: Casual gaming. It`s like Forrest Gump`s statement when eating from the chocolate box: You never know what you gonna get. I did play this weekend, and now at the end when the sbmm are kicking in more and more, and put players in ranks that I notice it more and more....and more. The matches are full of 16-15, 15-15, 14-16. If a player get +5 k/d it is surprising. Absolutely a disaster and I think I am sticking to Black Ops 4 for another year if this will not be removed. The sbmm there are completely gone and it is super fun. Sometimes +20 and sometimes -10. That is what COD should be like.


2. The Scorestreak system: My oh my. This is completely rubbish. I do not even know why and when I am getting them. makes no sense. And the problem is that because it does not work as a normal scorestreak system, like in Black Ops 4, people are camping like crazy....again. Maybe the Ninja perk will help on this occasion but haven`t opened it yet, so no idea. Why can`t they have a normal scorestreak system that makes sense? Above my understanding.


I will jump into the beta next weekend as well, and hopefully they are listening to the community. If not I will return my pre-order. As it is now it is no fun at all. It is like playing sweat matches all the time.

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