Why I did leave Soundcloud

I want to share my experience with customer support at Soundcloud.

I was working on a remix over at Spinnin Records - https://spinninrecords.com/contest/show-us-your-take-on-stay-with-me-by-kryder-nino-lucarelli-and-have-a-shot-at-winning-a-sound-design-course/

I was working on this for 3-4 weeks on and off, so several hours, and I was very careful with the deadline. It was my first attempt over there, and when I should upload the remix, I could not find any other option than to submit it thru my account at Soundcloud (I had been at Soundcloud for 7-8 years). Not any single strike before. So, I checked the deadline at it was 1 hour left to the deadline passed. I uploaded it to Soundcloud, and boom, it was taken down immediately. I did see lots of remixes out for this contest, as I did my research. I am always careful with uploading remixes to Soundcloud. But this was my only way do it as Spinnin Records have your Soundcloud account linked, so you submit it thru there.

So, I filed a dispute, but it was rejected as well after a short time. I assume they did not even check what I was explaining.

Well, I did contact their customer support and they replied with: "Hi there, The track was blocked by our automated content ID system as it was uploaded after the contest deadline. We could only allow uploads for the duration of the contest. Please note we don't issue strikes for content blocked by our automated content ID system. Strikes are only issued when we receive a report directly from a rights holder. I can confirm you have no strikes on your account."

After that I tried to explain that this is not correct. I was uploading this remix 1 hour before deadline.

Here is what I told them: "Hi there. Absolutely not! I uploaded the track 1 hour before deadline. Check the upload time and the contest deadline. Why would I upload it to soundcloud and submit it to the contest after the deadline? I worked for this remix for 4 weeks, and when I did upload it to Soundcloud there was 1 hour left to deadline. I am sure there are a history there. I had 1 hour left to deadline when I did upload it on soundcloud. Maybe it is because of summer time and stuff that the automatic process thought it was over deadline. It was not. Absolutely not. I wanted to submit it to the contest and that was the only reason I did upload it. I had no reason to upload it if it was past deadline. Check it. I really feel innocent here, and if you guys do some research here, you can see that I upload it before the deadline. I live in Norway, so what I think did happen was that the automatic system tought it was over the deadline (because summer/winter time adjust clock by 1 hour), but it was not."

So, it was a mistake from Soundcloud, and I think that the adjusted summer time in Norway (1 hour back and forth) did trick the system. Anyway it was 1 hour left to deadline passed.

I tried my best to tell them but it ended up with they saying they won`t reply no more. I felt like they did not even check it. I felt like they was not reading my messages at all. If they would have investigated a little further, some kind of log would have proofed it. This is how they treat paying customer for years.

I terminated my Soundcloud account after 7-8 years, and will never be back. I am just reliefed.

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